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5 Ways Google Policies affect your SEO

                              Knowing Google better means better SEO

5 Ways Google Inc. Policies affect your SEO

1. Google is a champion of the people

If your website is not meant for the people, it is not meant for Google.

2. Google Income Generator

When Google places a website in rank 1 for a certain keyword or keyphrase, they are somehow endorsing that website. They do not want to endorse any website for wrong search terms, meaning that they want their search results to be as close to perfection. This perfection allows them to sell PPC.

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10 Tips for Outsourcing Company that will keep You on Top:

Outsourcing Web Design

Outsourcing is cost effective if it has its own challenges.


1. Communication

Make sure that the outsourcing company iscommunicating.

2. Business Hours

Use outsourcing companies that are open during business hours. Don’t be fooled by sales team. Make sure that administrative and productive team is also working during business hours.

3. Multicultural

A good outsourcing company embraces all different kinds of clients and cultures and is not       specifically trained or targeted with only few countries.

4. Testimonial

Evaluate the company’s testimonials carefully in their website. Outsourcing companies work with too many clients may not be the way to go because they have a hardened structure already. A hardened structure will slow down communication.

5. Company’s Values

A good outsourcing company has a high level of values throughout the company. Investigate to              their IP page to find out or judge whether that company stands for business…

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