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Is SEO really changing?

ImageDigital evolution is necessary! Whenever there is a channel for marketing and especially if that channel is open for the general public, it seems you cannot expect people to play fair.

Ever since people got wind that SEO = Visits = Sales, practically everybody wants their “billboard” to be seen in the Information Highway. This has lead to many people trying to get placement using bad links, useless bot-content and no regard for usability or value in their websites.

In the perfect SEO world, placements should depend on the value of the website. The better the content value = better placement.and if all websites had the same score of value, the deciding judge would be popularity (links). 

So infact, this means that the post panda and penguin updates arent really changes to SEO, its actually about going back and being true to the real essence of SEO.  Its about simplicity and its about being true.

To understand some of this implications of the recent changes we are seeing in SEO, I wrote a blog called “What`s happening in SEO?” to understand what shifts we are seeing from the SEOs perspective.