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What you should and should not outsource in SEO?

I see a great deal number of posts and blogs even in seomoz.. dont know how those get through.. like.. for example.. 

Clearly as you go below in the thread.. you see people are a little against it, the “outsourcers” and the “outsourcees” or SEO “enthusiasts”.. if we can call them that. 

What is fundamentally wrong with this, one may ask?  There are a few problems associated with being too much of a link builder “outsourcer.” The first being,  that you are thinking of savings and you miss the big point which is Link building is earned these days, you just cannot simply build them anymore.. you are wasting money and time. 

The rule is simple, you outsource when you need expertise and when you need the extra boost of experienced professionals who genuinely care about your customers. You do not outsource  when ( as the blog link above says) you need man power for $2/hr.. This is just ridiculous. Its like going back to 2005 all over again.. 

You look for Seo outsourcing companies, see their entire repertoire, check price costs and benefits, decide who to work with and hopefully you are not biased about outsourcing to countries like Philippines, there is so much that you do not know if you do decide to just work with US and UK companies.

SEO is about time and investment, the time when you decide to outsource is when you know you need both but cannot afford it at a US or UK SEO SEO-premium level.  That is when you look for good outsourcing companies for SEO or even web designs etc.. You cannot simply just say lets outsource cos its cheaper or lets just outsource link building .. SEO is an “in its entirety” kind of commitment.. Spend some time, research, talk to providers, talk to their SEO clients.. match them, compare them but you do not think that you are going to get a sub standard service.. just because you are now trying SEO from another country like the Philippines. 

That kind of thinking is unfortunate because you would be limiting whats out there.. For a fact I know, some of the most successful SEO companies based in the US and UK are using professionals like us, they are “re-selling” anyways.. and you would not know that.

Its the way this business works, you have to use your mind a little more, be patient and research. 

SO if you decide to outsource, make sure it`s “the whole enchilada”, there is no shortcut anymore. IN SEO everything is involved; from Content, Strategic On Page expansion, Off page expansions, referral traffic, layout, conversion and a lot more.. You will just not get the result with just a Link Building Strategy, there is none available at the moment, .. but don`t take my word for it.. try this link first ..




5 Ways Google Policies affect your SEO

                              Knowing Google better means better SEO

5 Ways Google Inc. Policies affect your SEO

1. Google is a champion of the people

If your website is not meant for the people, it is not meant for Google.

2. Google Income Generator

When Google places a website in rank 1 for a certain keyword or keyphrase, they are somehow endorsing that website. They do not want to endorse any website for wrong search terms, meaning that they want their search results to be as close to perfection. This perfection allows them to sell PPC.

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SEO Made Simple – Is SEO Rocket Science?

SEO Made Simple – Is SEO Rocket Science?

Internet Killed

SEO isn’t really rocket science. Here are 10 reasons why.

 Getting on top isn’t really a new concept.

 1. SEO is simply marketing.

We have been marketing for ages.

Just as any person in the earlier ages would have done, you open a store ( website ) and try and get as many visitors into your store. Difference is that instead of foot traffic, you want to get Google traffic.

 2. Good SEO  allows for loyalty.

You want to build loyalty.

Just as any businessman, you want to retain loyalty of the customers and want that word of mouth referral – Well-built pages and good content allows you to do exactly that.

 3. SEO is a highly targeted form of advertising

The greatest feature of SEO is that the information highway allows you to market to people outside of your contact circle who want to look for vendors. It is different than social media marketing.

 4. Link building is like a mailing list

While you do not use stamps and postcards, you need to place links with a return address, wherein you want your website to participate in publicly accessible websites that’s relevant to yours.  You may get direct sales but you do definitely get some attention and popularity.

 5. Referring Visits and PR

Referring links allow for great PR of your website and may directly bring in sales while you are promoting your website.

 6. Rise and Fall like the Stock

Anyone who has reaped benefits from SEO will work hard at retaining their ranking . There maybe be high visit trends and low trends on a certain season or month but you still invest in for the sweet harvest.

 7. The new buy and sell magazine   

Google is like one big Buy and Sell kind of classified magazine with a search function. You just need to scan and choose which vendor or website can satisfy your need. Usually the ads on the top are read.

 8. Business and marketing strategies take time

There are so many players who want to be where you want to be, at the top! Getting there will take time, effort and expertise just as it would take you to establish some very good offline marketing strategies. The good news is that it will not be half that expensive and won’t take half that time to get SEO presence.

 9. A good business always seeks opportunity markets

IN SEO all you need to do is to make a few dedicated pages that communicates well and you need to make those pages popular. Business scalability comes easy with SEO.

 10. The Money

Last but not least at all, this is where money lies. When any new media hits main stream, it always brings in the money – because that’s where the customers are!