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All you need is this One Reason to Outsource Seo!

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Why is seo such an outsourced activity in marketing. To understand this better, continue reading –> When Does Seo End?

This reason is  the actual nature of Google and organic seo itself. To further clarify this, we need to understand organic seo, how much work is needed to be done to get good rankings? We also need to understand that Seo and internet marketing as a whole is an inexact science and trial and error is almost always there whether you are working for rankings, lower bounce rates or building links.

To get at organic seo growth, you need loads of good content and lots of blogosphere and social media sphere participation. You will have to have good links increase the popularity of your webpage/s. All this tried to imply 1 thing, that Google organic growth itself demands time and time demands money.

Seo is an inexact science and you will have to try a few things before you get your perfect marketing mix, this also eats time and money.

If you truly want to dominate and stay on top for your keywords organically, you will have to think about making it run on some very low profile. Outsourcing Seo allows you to do just that.


Getting to #1 in Google with the right attitude

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We all want to be there! We all want the #1 spot and just wanting that could be the biggest mistake because it could trigger you into making some very wrong SEO moves such as : 

Rushing : Seo is an organic task and will need time. Rushing and trying to move faster means compromising content and link quality. Any experienced SEO will tell you that it takes time and strategy all the time. There is no sure formula, the only formula is quality of content and links. 

Wrong Evaluation : Making fast and rash judgement in changing strategy mid-way is also one of the hindrances to SEO. Google Indexing and link building takes time to manifest and there are chances that making premature SEO decisions could have you chasing your own tail. 

Wrong reasons to be #1 : If you want to be #1 to just make money, this is the biggest distraction. Making money comes with a good following. Good following comes with good content and syndication. Put effort instead to change your goal perspective, think of being #1 in content, link and human readership satisfaction. The rest will come by itself. 

So if you truly want to be #1, you have to think a little different. You can only get there by being serving to others. This is where the true secret lies. 

Read Why keep a cool head in SEO? and watch some videos on Google Guidelines. You can also read the rest of this article in more detail at Why chasing Ranking isn’t Good For SEO.

A good read for your Seo Journey!



We all know that SEO gets results fast and its the most preferred marketing vehicle these days. But how fast is the turn-around and is there ever a time that SEO actually stops. 

Since Seo is fundamentally a marketing process, Seo doesn’t really stop. It morphs into newer goals and missions from the on-page and off-page. 

To understand the true expectations of SEO, you can read When Does Seo End?


Is internet marketing only about Facebook and Google?


If you are starting a website, the website maybe of small scale like a brochure website for real estate, restaurants or hotels or they maybe for some higher purpose with added functions. In the end, you will still need to have a game plan. Now, is this game plan something totally different than what you may have learned in classic business administration or marketing?

Facebook and Google are only venues and channels that pave traffic to go to your website. But they are only a fraction of what Internet marketing actually entail.

The general and basic principles of your internet business must be addressed first like any other offline business. You need to have a specific pricing plan, a niche target and daily operational agendas. Without these, it would almost be useless to start marketing in Google, Facebook and other communal websites.

If you are an entrepreneur, the safest way to get to your goals is really from your website. Outsourcing SEO and Web Design allows an online business a huge advantage to keep costs low while still having skilled workers and experts working at your goals.

I have tried to deal with this subject in more detail and depth here –  Is Internet Marketing a Whole Different Ball Game?

Why Google thinks you need to increase your social networking better

ImageWhat is The New Google?

The new Google is the inclination of Google to be more human oriented. Getting good ranks is a game now that`s having some rules changed.

But if you are wondering what this is all about and how it can affect you, then the answer is simple. It will not affect you as long as you have great content and you have a good network of people to share your content with.

Why would good network be important? Its basically nothing but peer acknowledgement and appreciation which is very human and social in nature. Would Einstein have been Einstein had he not been introduced socially into various science institutions and programs. How deep would his popularity be today had he not been visible worldwide.  Simply put, he had great ideas and he had a vast people listening to him. Not everyone would agree with him, but they still respected him.

This is an easy way for me to explain why Google admits this relationship ought to be brought online with more significance.

You can get more information here at How Social Media is influencing your Seo.

Google Snafu: Unverified Users Regain Access to Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics

About Tuesday, a bug was discovered affecting Google accounts, granting revoked users access to the Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics they originally had access to. Read the rest of this entry

5 Ways Google Policies affect your SEO

                              Knowing Google better means better SEO

5 Ways Google Inc. Policies affect your SEO

1. Google is a champion of the people

If your website is not meant for the people, it is not meant for Google.

2. Google Income Generator

When Google places a website in rank 1 for a certain keyword or keyphrase, they are somehow endorsing that website. They do not want to endorse any website for wrong search terms, meaning that they want their search results to be as close to perfection. This perfection allows them to sell PPC.

Read the rest of this entry