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Professional Webmasters – Functions and Costs

Professional Webmasters – Functions and Costs

Hi! Today, I would like to discuss the FAQs (Frequently asked questions) regarding

1) What webmasters do?

2) How they can help your business and

3) What they cost?

In general, webmasters are champions in understanding and analysing websites. While they are generally not web-coders or developers, they have a solid understanding of how the WWW (world-wide web) works.

Q1 – What do Webmasters do?


By Using Google Webmaster Tools, webmasters are able to communicate with Google-Bots efficiently. Google-Bot is the name of the crawler made by Google, they read websites. This is how they index websites into their database and through the application of their algorithm (PageRank), they are able to rank websites for specific keywords.

This function is fundamental for any SEO. The tools included in Webmaster Tools are:

  • Search Appearance

Tells you how your website is structured, if there are HTML…

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