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Why Google thinks you need to increase your social networking better

ImageWhat is The New Google?

The new Google is the inclination of Google to be more human oriented. Getting good ranks is a game now that`s having some rules changed.

But if you are wondering what this is all about and how it can affect you, then the answer is simple. It will not affect you as long as you have great content and you have a good network of people to share your content with.

Why would good network be important? Its basically nothing but peer acknowledgement and appreciation which is very human and social in nature. Would Einstein have been Einstein had he not been introduced socially into various science institutions and programs. How deep would his popularity be today had he not been visible worldwide.  Simply put, he had great ideas and he had a vast people listening to him. Not everyone would agree with him, but they still respected him.

This is an easy way for me to explain why Google admits this relationship ought to be brought online with more significance.

You can get more information here at How Social Media is influencing your Seo.