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5 Ways Google Policies affect your SEO

                              Knowing Google better means better SEO

5 Ways Google Inc. Policies affect your SEO

1. Google is a champion of the people

If your website is not meant for the people, it is not meant for Google.

2. Google Income Generator

When Google places a website in rank 1 for a certain keyword or keyphrase, they are somehow endorsing that website. They do not want to endorse any website for wrong search terms, meaning that they want their search results to be as close to perfection. This perfection allows them to sell PPC.

3. Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is an upgrade of Web 2.0. The panda and penguin algorithm updates is directly a starting point for the Web 3.0 model. Web 3.0 is about empowering people’s collective opinions. Google reviews is a big boost for your SEO.

Start thinking about the collective good and accurate, unbiased information.

4. Google Technology

Google spends a lot of time and money in making their products better and diverse. Although Google goggles and Google image search hasn’t been perfected, we have to think about the future, about where Google is headed. Start thinking about better accessibility for your website users.

5. Google Competition

Google is surely going to be around for a long time. Competitors like Bing + Facebook joining is a threat to Google. Google is going to try its best to be upfront about beating such competitors. This move will affect your SEO.


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