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5 Ways Google Policies affect your SEO

                              Knowing Google better means better SEO

5 Ways Google Inc. Policies affect your SEO

1. Google is a champion of the people

If your website is not meant for the people, it is not meant for Google.

2. Google Income Generator

When Google places a website in rank 1 for a certain keyword or keyphrase, they are somehow endorsing that website. They do not want to endorse any website for wrong search terms, meaning that they want their search results to be as close to perfection. This perfection allows them to sell PPC.

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5 Reasons Why SEO and Social Media Works Together

social media improves seo

A wide range of audience plus plenty of positive website feedback equals high rankings.

1.  Online Advertisement/Promotion

The more you advertise or promote your website, the more visits it will get. Having many visits  will result to a high ranking.

2. Social Networks can build Strong Publicity

Social networks nowadays are great tools for sharing information all throughout the World Wide Web. Social networking websites open up a whole new realm of possibilities. These sites enable you to network with a larger group of contacts thus, letting those users to publicize your site by simply retweeting your link on Twitter or tag your page on Facebook. Read the rest of this entry

10 Ways you can do your own SEO

DIY SEO 10 ways to get you going…

SEO Strategy

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SEO Made Simple – Is SEO Rocket Science?

SEO Made Simple – Is SEO Rocket Science?

Internet Killed

SEO isn’t really rocket science. Here are 10 reasons why.

 Getting on top isn’t really a new concept.

 1. SEO is simply marketing.

We have been marketing for ages.

Just as any person in the earlier ages would have done, you open a store ( website ) and try and get as many visitors into your store. Difference is that instead of foot traffic, you want to get Google traffic.

 2. Good SEO  allows for loyalty.

You want to build loyalty.

Just as any businessman, you want to retain loyalty of the customers and want that word of mouth referral – Well-built pages and good content allows you to do exactly that.

 3. SEO is a highly targeted form of advertising

The greatest feature of SEO is that the information highway allows you to market to people outside of your contact circle who want to look for vendors. It is different than social media marketing.

 4. Link building is like a mailing list

While you do not use stamps and postcards, you need to place links with a return address, wherein you want your website to participate in publicly accessible websites that’s relevant to yours.  You may get direct sales but you do definitely get some attention and popularity.

 5. Referring Visits and PR

Referring links allow for great PR of your website and may directly bring in sales while you are promoting your website.

 6. Rise and Fall like the Stock

Anyone who has reaped benefits from SEO will work hard at retaining their ranking . There maybe be high visit trends and low trends on a certain season or month but you still invest in for the sweet harvest.

 7. The new buy and sell magazine   

Google is like one big Buy and Sell kind of classified magazine with a search function. You just need to scan and choose which vendor or website can satisfy your need. Usually the ads on the top are read.

 8. Business and marketing strategies take time

There are so many players who want to be where you want to be, at the top! Getting there will take time, effort and expertise just as it would take you to establish some very good offline marketing strategies. The good news is that it will not be half that expensive and won’t take half that time to get SEO presence.

 9. A good business always seeks opportunity markets

IN SEO all you need to do is to make a few dedicated pages that communicates well and you need to make those pages popular. Business scalability comes easy with SEO.

 10. The Money

Last but not least at all, this is where money lies. When any new media hits main stream, it always brings in the money – because that’s where the customers are!

Search engine optimization increases your business not just visits

When we first think about setting up a website we think about how many people are going to visit our website,  there is no way to know how many people are going to visit your website,  if you are not going to have some form of understanding how many of your contacts are already with you —  but more often contacts are limited,  but marketing works on the principle that you need to have more people who know you.

The fundamental truth is that when a website or a business starts the only people who know about the business or website or people are from within the contacts and this needs to expand — we need to have a bigger net for of people visiting the site and with the a large quantity of people coming in chances of business leads and turned into sales go higher.

Search engine optimization is that large net that you need to throw out into the Google world because if you’re limited to only your contacts and social media and you do not have resources or reserves for more visits you are going to be limited to only  the people or contacts that you would know currently but marketing is based on growing the business,  meeting more people, letting them know what you stand for.

In short —  if you’re starting a website or a business you need more than just your contacts and search engine optimization allows you to showcase and display your products service to  larger net of people.

Here are some SEO case studies that help understand how SEO impacts business growth.