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Basic Questions and FAQs about SEO

Search Engine Optimization

In this Blog, we try to explain SEO basics in the most layman terms.

What is SEO?

SEO can be thought of as a process of cleaning up the code and content of a website or webpage to target specific search terms or keywords. This process is an optimization process of a website or webpage to rank well in Google, Yahoo and Bing. The main intention is to get dedicated visits to a website.

If a user has interest in purchasing a travel package to Las Vegas, the person will choose his search engine of choice like Google and insert “Las Vegas Travel Package” or “Las Vegas Airfare” and so on..

The results that come up are websites that have this information for the searcher. These results did not get there by magic but by skillful SEO experts who were targeting those search terms to rank their clients websites.

The benefits of SEO!

If your website or business came up in the first page of these search engines, and especially in the top 3 ranks, you have a 90% chance of receiving visits from the searchers. In SEO, we generally use Google adword tools to figure out estimate visits per month for a search term or keyword.

IN the example above, Las Vegas Airfare has an estimated 540 visits per month. If your website was in the top 3 spots, you would be claiming roughly around 160 visits to your website from that search term alone. Now, what if you had over 100 rankings for each of the pages in your website — thats a lot of business to gain!

Now, SEO can be both affordable or pricey, that would generally depend upon the competition on the targeted keywords. But SEO still remains one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing channels today.

Costs and Turn-over periods

Like with anything, patience is necessary.  There are SEO experts to contact, sort and hire. There are keywords and website modifications needed. Then the SEO expert you choose needs to make clear strategic methods — In short, it takes time. You need to be mentally prepared that to see any results, you may need upto a year for challenging keywords and around 3-6 months for slightly moderate to non-competitive keywords.

The time taken to turn-over implies the cost. There are standard prices for SEO and there are also some premium pricing. Pricing ranges on the reputation on the SEO expert and the quality of the content and links generated.

These are some of the most basic questions that come in mind to people new in SEO. You may also read why Outsoucing SEO is another wise choice than to hire someone in your own office. Also here`s another link that talks about SEO more in depth. Its a good read but however, it maybe slightly ambitious to be able to understand all those SEO blogs now if you are especially new. No worries, more simple SEO blogs coming soon!

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