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SEO : Build Content, Links or Do Social Media?

Do I focus on more Content, Links or  Social Media?

TO understand this, we may first have to approach the question – Are there any real guarantees in SEO?

Undergoing any SEO comes with numerous questions.  And do these questions have any grounds for any real guarantee

Questions from SEO clients :

When will I be in Page 1 and Rank 1?

How much money will I make?

How many leads and calls will I get?


According to Google Guidelines, there cannot be any guarantees in SEO. Because a guarantee in SEO means that a methodology works most – more than anything, that is a huge pivotal contradiction for Google.

The only Google Guarantee for SEO is this: Is your content the “most captivating” that it need to be on Page 1 rank 1 for Google users to Find?


So then starts the forum battles of SEOs, Social media and Content experts! The forum war goes this way..

SEO expert John – “Content itself wont rank.. you need high quality links”

Social Media Andrew – “If the content is good and it goes viral, you will gain organic links” – “Links itself is useless”

Content writer Jack – “If people pick up my amazing content, it will go viral in Social media and it will do well in SEO”..


Then John, Jack and Andrew produce statistics and then they cite websites or blogs like, ,, some will go back to basic like and even It looks like a full-fledged religion/science war about the chicken and the egg.


The actual truth is that all are right but what is left out on the equation are circumstances and priorities for the SEO / Internet marketing campaign.. like..


1. Is the campaign for organic non-branded keywords?

2. How much competition exists for the keywords?

3. What is the quality and distribution scale of the competitor content?

4. What are the competitor`s link building vantage point? DO they have a loyal and steady network of people who link to their content easily?


So, the only reasonable answer to what rules.. content, links or Social media is that you have to do the homework first and then judge what works for each campaign.  

But YES! – you need content more than links as links are a result of the content and not vice versa.