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Is internet marketing only about Facebook and Google?


If you are starting a website, the website maybe of small scale like a brochure website for real estate, restaurants or hotels or they maybe for some higher purpose with added functions. In the end, you will still need to have a game plan. Now, is this game plan something totally different than what you may have learned in classic business administration or marketing?

Facebook and Google are only venues and channels that pave traffic to go to your website. But they are only a fraction of what Internet marketing actually entail.

The general and basic principles of your internet business must be addressed first like any other offline business. You need to have a specific pricing plan, a niche target and daily operational agendas. Without these, it would almost be useless to start marketing in Google, Facebook and other communal websites.

If you are an entrepreneur, the safest way to get to your goals is really from your website. Outsourcing SEO and Web Design allows an online business a huge advantage to keep costs low while still having skilled workers and experts working at your goals.

I have tried to deal with this subject in more detail and depth here –  Is Internet Marketing a Whole Different Ball Game?