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All you need is this One Reason to Outsource Seo!

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Why is seo such an outsourced activity in marketing. To understand this better, continue reading –> When Does Seo End?

This reason is  the actual nature of Google and organic seo itself. To further clarify this, we need to understand organic seo, how much work is needed to be done to get good rankings? We also need to understand that Seo and internet marketing as a whole is an inexact science and trial and error is almost always there whether you are working for rankings, lower bounce rates or building links.

To get at organic seo growth, you need loads of good content and lots of blogosphere and social media sphere participation. You will have to have good links increase the popularity of your webpage/s. All this tried to imply 1 thing, that Google organic growth itself demands time and time demands money.

Seo is an inexact science and you will have to try a few things before you get your perfect marketing mix, this also eats time and money.

If you truly want to dominate and stay on top for your keywords organically, you will have to think about making it run on some very low profile. Outsourcing Seo allows you to do just that.


“Remarkable” Content for SEO

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I recently read “InBound Marketing”  by Dharmesh Shah and Brain Halligan. These guys are the founders of HubSpot. If you have used twitter grader or website grader, you will know what I am talking about.

The book starts off really well and I particularly liked how they classified good content. They used Seth Godin`s term “remarkable” content which means content that is worthy of someones “remarks“. This I thought was an amazing and alternate way than to just keep saying “Good Content” or “Original Content”. And as you keep thinking of it, it hits the nail squarely on the head about what is the best kind of content writing for SEO.

Most people when starting websites or starting SEO on their websites just start using too much of their competitors ideas and eventually this “remarkable” content concept gets set aside.

Writing original content is the only real basic thing that will get you your SEO results, it is the only guarantee that will get you the conversion points you want and it will make you come out as a thought leader. Read more about why be a thought leader?

Original remarkable content gets shared, it gets appreciated and it makes you come out on top. Just like in the gold rush era, sometimes internet marketing and Seo can be about following others trails and taking a lot of chances because the rewards can be amazing. The tendency is there to just start doing something. But fortunately, unlike the gold rush era, Seo isn`t about actually finding the Gold in Google, the gold is actually already in your website, in your linking ideas, your remarkable content and your care for communication and networking. With these in place, Google will follow you.

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Apple (AAPL) plans to debut its much rumored smartwatch later this year, according to a new report. Bloomberg on Monday issued a claim that the so-called “iWatch” could pose a larger revenue opportunity than the HDTV Apple has supposedly been working on for years. The report suggests that Apple hopes to launch the device later this year and is considering a variety of functionality such as voice calling, mapping features and the ability to display notifications from the user’s phone on the watch’s display. The report claims Apple’s iWatch will also include pedometer features, and it may even monitor the wearer’s heart rate.

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Getting to #1 in Google with the right attitude

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We all want to be there! We all want the #1 spot and just wanting that could be the biggest mistake because it could trigger you into making some very wrong SEO moves such as : 

Rushing : Seo is an organic task and will need time. Rushing and trying to move faster means compromising content and link quality. Any experienced SEO will tell you that it takes time and strategy all the time. There is no sure formula, the only formula is quality of content and links. 

Wrong Evaluation : Making fast and rash judgement in changing strategy mid-way is also one of the hindrances to SEO. Google Indexing and link building takes time to manifest and there are chances that making premature SEO decisions could have you chasing your own tail. 

Wrong reasons to be #1 : If you want to be #1 to just make money, this is the biggest distraction. Making money comes with a good following. Good following comes with good content and syndication. Put effort instead to change your goal perspective, think of being #1 in content, link and human readership satisfaction. The rest will come by itself. 

So if you truly want to be #1, you have to think a little different. You can only get there by being serving to others. This is where the true secret lies. 

Read Why keep a cool head in SEO? and watch some videos on Google Guidelines. You can also read the rest of this article in more detail at Why chasing Ranking isn’t Good For SEO.