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SEO vs Internet Advertising!

SEO is a form of internet advertising but not Internet Adverting!

Internet Advertising are those pointless banners,  useless pop up ads and all the other things we don’t like about the internet. On the contrary, SEO is about having your website come up to a visible level as a search result for a query.

If you are looking for Internet Advertising, you are looking at your advertising Budget at a 100% focus. Its like saying I have $x and what can I get with $x in terms of impressions and visits.  Its a faster, half-strategic plan and as usual is half in results.  The forte here is to pay more and reach more so that x% of people will interact.. The following places are where people do Internet Advertising.

1. Google and YouTube Ads

2. Social Media Ads

3. Email provider Ads

4. Newsletters

5. Banner ads

As you look into this list, you probably acknowledge that these ads are almost useless and we usually skip them always. Ever wonder now why YouTube has a big “SKIP AD”  on every ad video..

On the other Hand, SEO and Internet marketing is much nobler and much more strategic. Here what you invest is time.. not money– there is a cost but its not anything close to Internet Advertising.

In Internet marketing and in particular SEO is about making search vs result relationships.  How you or your webpage can be endorsed by Google as a better result page. Multiply this by a 50 or 100 pages targeting 100 Kws and you understand how this really works. Not only is it “non-obtrusive” — you may realize that there is no “skip this”.. in a result page..  the people actually need and want this information..

SO that`s the biggest difference.. One is obtrusive, temporary and based on money spend-ability and the other is permanent, accepted and built on time, patience and information.



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