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10 Things SEO Companies Don’t Want You To Know

10 Things SEO Companies Don’t Want You To Know

1. White Label SEO

                White label SEO is reselling SEO work. Your SEO Company in the States is actually outsourcing   the same work abroad. (They don’t want you to know that. That’s why they call it white label). The seller puts his name on the label.

2. Link Building Strategies

Only work with SEO companies that are transparent about their link building strategies. Most SEO companies struggle with link building.

3. Understand what you pay for

Your keywords may be less competitive than what you think. (To be sure, type the keyword and Google “key phrase”).

4. Web Design

Only consider a website with design consultation from SEO companies if your URLs contain too many special characters. If the content and layout is not logical, it is advisable to start SEO and  get some results from the SEO company before considering the website design because there are too many website companies that claim to be SEO companies. Make sure your website is state-of-the-art.

5. Google’s Local Policy

Your SEO Company may not consult you that they do not have your local IP address proxy servers. It is better to work with companies with proxy servers because of Google’s inclination to account for the submitting source of the content or backlink.

6. Be Focused

Be ready to market better in niche markets than to work in general markets. Marketing  generally is complicated and takes time. Some SEO companies may advise you to participate in larger markets to extend their contract.

7. Visit Quality

It is an SEO company’s duty to bring quality visits. There have been a few companies that have visit exchange programs. Don’t get fooled by high visits, instead focus on the conversion.

8. Specialized SEOs

For SEO companies that specialize in one or two industries, like real estate or e-commerce, this is a warning sign already. While it may seem impressive that they specialize, the truth is they are also working for your competitors. They usually bring links from the same source and they usually just write variations of the same content.

9. Long Reports and Useless Tools

Don’t get impressed by lengthy reports and the tools used by some SEO companies. Today’s SEO is about creativity and content.

10. Tenure

The longer an SEO company has been around doesn’t necessarily translate to being good in SEO. What worked yesterday may not work today. If your SEO Company is not 100% towards creativity and better content, even years of SEO experience won’t save them.


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