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Is seo complex or simple?

Like with most things, Seo is simple but can take a complex turn if basics aren’t understood correctly.
So, what are the basics of seo? What do you truly need to know to lay foundations for any seo?
To understand seo you need to have knowledge about web pages, websites and their vitals and links.
Web pages need to be fully understood especially url nomenclature methods, meta tags and content in the page. These elements in the web page must be interesting , of value and cohesive to one another.
Website vitals can be thought of as scores in regards to common indexes like Alexa ratings, google page rank, domain age and they can be thought of as optimization process to communicate with google bots like robots txt, google webmaster tools.
These are basic things you need to master, the mastering process needs time and experience. It isn’t complex, just there are many factors to understand truly well.
Sounds complicated already, not really.. It takes time to understand how to learn and play a new music instrument but once basic notes and chords and their relationship to one another are understood, it can be heavenly simple.


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