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Why SEO is ART?

ImageSEO is not science, we know that because targets shift. Content and links are getting to be better, the penguin updates have converted most numerical criteria of SEO to a more human-based criteria.

This is really the best time for SEO experts and businesses who want to be visible in the internet. I am glad that SEO is finally getting to be followed more rigorously through creativity and discipline. Gone are the spammers, gone are those who just wish to make fast money off the internet and those pests-of-a-website which hold lousy content.

SO why do I say that SEO has truly turned into an art-form is because SEOs are now thinking of creative graphics, catchy layouts, well-written content, organizing link building better to hit relevancy ratios. In many ways, SEO before 2011 was kinda like the Mafia, it relied on some pure muscle power of irrelevant links placed randomly across the WWW. Although Google frowned on those links, they were still getting websites ranked. If this was untrue, can you remember the umpteen number of times that you clicked the wrong website for a search query or found little or poor content in a ranking website. Well those days are finally gone forever.

SEO is getting to be more serious and fun in many more ways. Its challenging a lot of people to think more like broadcaster and quality information creators. Creativity is getting to be the key element in ranking websites. Ensuring your websites SEO is going to last.


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