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Search engine optimization increases your business not just visits

When we first think about setting up a website we think about how many people are going to visit our website,  there is no way to know how many people are going to visit your website,  if you are not going to have some form of understanding how many of your contacts are already with you —  but more often contacts are limited,  but marketing works on the principle that you need to have more people who know you.

The fundamental truth is that when a website or a business starts the only people who know about the business or website or people are from within the contacts and this needs to expand — we need to have a bigger net for of people visiting the site and with the a large quantity of people coming in chances of business leads and turned into sales go higher.

Search engine optimization is that large net that you need to throw out into the Google world because if you’re limited to only your contacts and social media and you do not have resources or reserves for more visits you are going to be limited to only  the people or contacts that you would know currently but marketing is based on growing the business,  meeting more people, letting them know what you stand for.

In short —  if you’re starting a website or a business you need more than just your contacts and search engine optimization allows you to showcase and display your products service to  larger net of people.

Here are some SEO case studies that help understand how SEO impacts business growth.


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